Club Flag

A Schuhplattler Verein's flag is an important symbol of the club. A parade of flags at a Gaufest or another club's Fahnenweihe (flag christening) is a colorful and moving show where the colors of each club are displayed.

The front of our flag includes shields representing America and Bavaria, showing our interest as Americans in continuing the heritage of Bavarian culture. The alpine flower Edelweiss that is our namesake is also proudly displayed.

The back of the flag includes shields that represent various nationalities. From the early days of our club to the present, our club did not restrict membership to just Bavarians or just Germans. We embrace maintaining customs and dress of old (as stated in German at the bottom of our flag), but we also embrace those of different nationalities who wish to celebrate and carry on our traditions. The Bavarian shield shown in the center as part of the tree trunk, displays this idea of joining with these other branches.