Dance Group

The above dance is the Bergvagabunden done with 22 couples at our 50th Anniversary in 2007. This is a fun dance we will do at various occasions including our own fests and when hired, with from 3 couples to as many as we have.

Where We Dance

We dance at our own Events as fitting to each, such as Schuhplattler at our Oktoberfests and a Strauss Quadrille at our Strauss Ball. We also support other German groups and events, performing at dances sponsored by other Schuhplattler Vereins, Gaufests, and other gatherings. We are also available to dance at your event. Please see our Contact Page.

What We Dance

Our dancing features the Schuhplattler. It is done to a Ländler melody, a precursor to the waltz. While couples dance together and rotate around the dance floor for a part of the dance, the signature portion is when the men do coordinated slapping of thighs and shoes in the center while the women spin on the outside, their skirts forming a lovely bell. This is a historic dance of the Alpine regions of Bavaria and Austria and is familiar to many as the dancing done at Oktoberfests.

In addition, we perform various traditional "themed" dances such as the Mühlrad-Polka (mill whell polka), Kronentanz (crown dance), and others. One of these is often the centerpiece of the entertainment at our Oktoberfest.

We also do other traditional German folk dances to add to the variety. This ties in with our club's rich history of folk dancing. While we perform certain folk dances, we also play popular folk dances at band breaks, encouraging all to learn and participate. We also mix in popular line dances.


If interested in hiring us to dance or coming to our practices and learning to dance, please see our Contact Page. We practice on Fridays in Fairfield, NJ. To enjoy an evening with us, please see our list of Events.